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14th World Assembly

Online, 2022

The World Assembly normally occurs every five years. It is a gathering of women from more than 70 nations, including around 80 official World, Area and Unit delegates but many others attending at their own expense because they value the opportunity to meet with their Federation sisters from other parts of the world. However this Assembly will be different. Aware that the global pandemic is severely restricting travel, the bold decision was made by the World Executive to hold our 14th World Assembly in 2022 as a virtual, online event.

The theme for 2022-2026, that will be launched at our Assembly, is taken from the words of Jesus recorded in John 15, in which he describes himself as the true vine and his disciples as the branches, urging us to abide in him so that we can be effective in our service. He warns, ‘Apart from me you can do nothing’ v 5. Yet following the example of Jesus to love one another, we become not just servants, but friends of Jesus, appointed to ‘go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.’ (see John 15:16). Therefore our theme is a call to spirituality, productivity and sustainability.

14th World Assembly 2022