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World Federation Handbook

Official Working Document for the 2022 – 2026 Quinquennium of the World Federation

The World Federation Handbook is the official working document for the 2022 – 2026 Quinquennium of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women.  The Handbook is available in print and many of the sections are published on this website.

To order a printed copy of the Handbook, please contact the Area President for your region to place orders.

Handbook cost: US$2 each plus postage.

Contents include:

  • Who to contact for …
  • World President’s Message
  • World Officers
  • United Nations Representatives
  • Tree Of Life Editor; Archivist
  • Area Officers
  • Helen Kim Scholars
  • Introduction to World Federation
  • Federation Prayer
  • Federation Song
  • Federation Commitment
  • World Federation Constitution
  • Bylaws
  • World Federation Programs
  • Federation Study Day Program
  • Bossey Study Program
  • World Federation at the UN
  • Thursdays in Black
  • Helen Kim Scholarship Program
  • Financial Guidelines
  • Planning Area Seminars Guidelines
  • Area Weaving Together Guidelines
  • Areas and Units
  • World Federation Publications
  • Website & Facebook Page
  • Quinquennium Theme & Logo