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President's Prayer

A Call to Pray – May 2018

By May 1, 2018No Comments

The Holy Spirit will come upon you…. Acts 1:8

Holy Spirit of God, we wait for you.
We need your guidance in our lives.
We need your strength to overcome evil.
We need your wisdom in our relationships.
We need your healing, forgiving, renewing, love.
Come, Holy Spirit, come.

We thank you, Lord, that you still inspire your people through the power of your Holy Spirit. You still transform lives and challenge wrong belief. You are ready to forgive those who come before you in penitence. You help us to love the unlovely, to take risks for you, and to trust in your faithful love. Come, Holy Spirit, come.

We pray for the peoples of North and South Korea, who seem to be on the threshold of a new relationship. We thank God for answered prayers for peace in the Korean peninsular. We pray for wisdom for the leaders of the nations. Come, Holy Spirit, come.

We pray for the 5,000 women meeting in Columbus Ohio this month for the United Methodist Women Assembly, for their speakers and leaders, asking God to bless them with boldness in their mission activity. Come, Holy Spirit, come.

We pray for the people of Papua New Guinea, who have suffered a devastating earthquake that was scarcely reported in the news media. We thank God for those who are working to alleviate their suffering and pray for more to offer assistance and support. Come, Holy Spirit, come.

We pray for the Methodist people of Tamu District, Myanmar as they plan to launch a new mission outreach in Rakhine State where there is so much need and tension. We pray for their protection and courage. Come, Holy Spirit, come.

We pray for the families displaced from their homeland Syria, many thousands of whom are still in refugee camps or still seeking sanctuary. May they find welcome and safety until peace returns to their land. Come, Holy Spirit, come.

We pray for those who are battling with illness and long for healing. We remember Ligia particularly on 3rd May as she has surgery. We pray that God will strengthen and comfort all those who care for loved ones who are ill. Come, Holy Spirit, come.

In the name of Christ. Amen