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President's Prayer

A Call to Pray – November 2016

By November 7, 2016No Comments

This month, I invite you to pray particularly for children and young people.

Let us give thanks to our faithful God:

for our Helen Kim Memorial Scholars for 2016-2021 and for their willingness to contribute to ongoing work of the Federation;

for Ligia Istrate, a HKMS for Europe: Continental, who is the new editor of the ‘Tree of Life’ and for her husband, Cristian, who is doing the design work;

for the Study paper produced by Latin America Area on the topic of Primary Education;

for Chloe Grimes Jones, our United Nations youth representative in New York;

for Ivonne Pereira’s participation as ECLAC Representative at the XIII Conference on Women in Latin America, Montevideo, Uruguay in October. Topics discussed included the empowerment of women, the situation of adolescent girls and eradicating all forms of violence.

for the successful 11 Days of Action and International Day of the Girl Summit, organised by the Working Group on Girls.

Give thanks that on Thursday 22 September, Andrew Holness, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, announced that he has ratified the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 189 – an international standard to protect domestic workers (including children) from exploitation. (Walk

Let us remember before our loving God:

Children separated from their parents through war, many now in refugee camps, vulnerable to abuse; those held as prisoners, or trafficked into domestic slavery; those children who live on the streets in our cities;

those who are working to reunite children with their families.

those who teach children in schools and colleges.

those who support children who are struggling with mental health issues.

Let us ask our gracious God:

to forgive our failure to safeguard children adequately;

to help us listen to the voices of children from whom we can learn so much;

through Christ our Lord and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen