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President's Prayer

A Call to Pray – October 2019

By September 29, 2019No Comments

Give thanks!

As the World Federation celebrates 80 years since its first constitution was signed on 26 October, 1939 in Pasadena, California, let us give thanks for the ways in which God still works through our global movement.

In North America Area, where our representatives contribute to events at the United Nations in New York, women work across denominations to make Christ known and are courageous in speaking out against injustice. Give thanks for the relief efforts bringing support to the people of the Bahamas following hurricane Dorian; and for the Area Seminar taking place in Chicago this month.

In Latin America, we thank God for women reaching out to migrants and refugees seeking safety and hope; for those who speak out against violence and oppression; for those who provide education and a safe space for children to grow.

In Europe: Britain and Ireland, we thank God for our Helen Kim Memorial Scholars who contribute so greatly to the life of their Units and share their skills and enthusiasm with others. We thank God for the generosity of the Methodist women who give so freely of their time, talents and money to the work of God’s mission.

In Europe: Continental, we thank God for the opportunity to host the next World Assembly and for those who are already making plans for August 2021. We give thanks for work with disadvantaged children in Rumania, with trafficked women in Albania, and with refugees in Germany, Italy and Calais, France.

In West Africa, women are building chapels and conference centres and strengthening faith communities through prayer and bible study. We give thanks for the energy and commitment of the women in their work to empower one another through educational opportunities for Christian service and fullness of life.

In Southern and East Africa, many women are preparing to attend their Area Seminar in Kenya at the end of November. We give thanks for the World Day of Prayer service for 2020 that has been prepared by the Christian women of Zimbabwe.

In South Asia, much support is given to widows and children in need. In the midst of national decisions that discriminate against people according to their race, religion or caste, Federation women reach out to others in Christian love.

In East Asia, where there is great wealth and great poverty, Units provide leadership training for women and young girls, empowerment opportunities for disadvantaged women and run community centres that benefit those in greatest need.

In South Pacific Area, where global warming is especially threatening the homes of island communities, women are providing hospitality, counselling and hope to those displaced by rising sea levels and severe flooding. They are addressing issues of gender injustice and providing guidance for bible study.

In every part of the world, women are coming to know Christ and working to make him known through their worship, their relationships and their engagement in social action. All praise and thanks to God!