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By March 22, 2019April 1st, 2019No Comments

Dear Madam World President, World VP, World Secretary and World Treasurer,


Tomorrow will be the last day for CSW 63; however, I am so delighted that the WFMUCW had an opportunity to participate.  The statement that we coauthored (also with the input you gave, Alison) was received and acknowledged.  Rev. Dionne had the opportunity to present it.  It is my hope, Madam President, that next year you and the entire Executive Team will have the opportunity to prepare a statement, which we could email UN Women and the organizers of CSW 64 to be presented by Matilda on the floor.

The procedure was changed a bit this year.  A committee was formed and organizations who were fortunate enough to be called in were asked questions.  I must say that I was approached by one of the employees in the Department of Global Affairs, formerly the Department of Public Information, who spoke highly of our work.


Dr Brenda Smith