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The World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women have set aside funds to provide Empowerment Grants to enable women to start initiatives that empower women and girls in their community. The grant will be a one-off contribution towards part of the funding. It is assumed that either there will be some self-funding from the applicant, or other contributions from elsewhere to fund the full cost of specified initiatives that empower women and/or girls. Applicants are invited to apply for a grant if the following criteria are met:


  1. The applicant should be a World Federation woman.
  2. The application must be supported by a local Church leader and the WFMUCW Area President.
  3. The application must comply with the aims and objectives of WFMUCW.
  4. The grant is not available for capital expenditure (e.g. building work etc).
  5. The grant is only available for new initiatives.
  6. The application must show that the grant will be used to empower the applicant and/or others.
  7. Applications should be submitted initially to the Area President. Only one application from each Unit will be considered by the World Federation Finance Committee each year.
  8. Applications to be submitted electronically by the Area President to the Finance Committee via the World Secretary by the end of May each year.
  9. Allocation of grants will be made by the end of July each year.


  1. Clear planning with identifiable outcomes.
  2. How the applicant is able to fund that part of the costs not covered by this grant.
  3. A comprehensive, planned and fully costed budget for the duration of the project.
  4. How this work is to be monitored, demonstrating rigorous accountability, costing and transparency.

A report will be required to show how this work has opened opportunities for the development of the applicant’s Christian ministry in a practical way. This may be submitted at any time but a final account must be submitted at the end of the project.

Any unused grant is to be returned to WFMUCW.

For further information please use the above email address or contact your Area President.