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Wesley Day Message

By May 25, 2017No Comments

Dear World Federation Sisters,


I greet you this Wesley Day to remind you, and myself, that we are ‘Chosen People: Called to Proclaim.’

I am awake in the early hours of the morning, thinking with a heavy heart of the violent act two days ago in Manchester, UK that brought such a cruel end to what should have been an evening of joy and delight at a pop concert. Instead, this act of wickedness brought death and injury to many young and defenceless children and their families.

While the people of the UK are coming to terms with this latest atrocity, we hear that the citizens of Manchester are uniting in defiance, comforting one another and demonstrating love and care in practical ways.  Across the city and beyond, they are showing that love is stronger than hate, that hope can push back despair.

As the UK is preparing for the possibility of further attacks, I ask your prayers for calm and vigilance.

Today I shall be joining a dozen other Methodist women on a two day walking pilgrimage in Dorset. We shall walk and talk, pray and share silence together. I am trusting that we shall each find Christ in our midst. Like those who walked the road to Emmaus, trying to come to terms with the death of their friend, I hope I shall be surprised by the revelation of the presence of Jesus along the way.

On Sunday I am sharing the word in worship. As I prepared, aware of the suffering endured by many around the world, I was led to read 1 Peter 4: 12-14 and 5: 6-11. I commend these verses to you. Let us all be alert, disciplined, and trust God through our risen Lord to bring restoration, support, strength and victory over evil.

On Thursday, Ascension Day, I shall wear a black T shirt, my own act of defiance against all forms of violence.

‘To God be the power for ever and ever. Amen ‘ (1 Peter 5: 11)

Every blessing,