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India Church of South India (CNI)
Church of North India (CNI)
Methodist Church in India
Myanmar Methodist Church of Myanmar (Lower Myanmar)
Pakistan Women’s Synodical Church of Pakistan
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South Asia Area

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My Story

Mu Mu Than / Margarette, was educated at St. John’s Girls’ Convent of Yangon in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Later, she took on the specialty of medical-social works, gaining extensive experience of more than two decades at the General Hospital’s HIV/VD and Skin Specialist Department of the Public Health Wing. Her career brought her in to the Civil Society as Manager of the Red Cross HIV/AIDS Program under the Australian funding, where she adhered to the Fundamental Principles of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Universality and Voluntary Service, later taking on Women-related Health and Social Sectors of the Millennium Development Goals. Her 15 years’ campaigning experience, ranging from the Survivor-Victim Assistance to Risk Education of Land Mines and Cluster Munitions in country have resulted in her representation in many International Conferences. Having been raised in a staunch religious background of an Ecumenical nature, she was the consecrated Delegate from the Lower Myanmar Methodist Denomination, when she first joined WFMUCW’s World Assembly 2005 in Je-ju, the Republic of Korea. Her whole-hearted involvement and motivated leadership resulted in her election as the Vice and currently, the President of South Asian 5 countries.