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The World President has invited members of the World Executive to join her in prayer each 26th day of the month between now and August.

By choosing the 26th day we shall link this time of prayer with our monthly practice of using the Federation prayer. Please take some time that day to pray with us for God’s guidance as we prepare for the event.

So the first prayer session will be on Friday 26th February. 

In February we shall pray for

  • PH Productions who are providing technical support for the event
  • The Planning group as they finalise the programme
  • For Rachel who is organising registration through Eventbrite

In March we shall pray for

  • Those who are recording videos to be used in the event
  • The editing of videos already underway
  • Contributions from Helen Kim Memorial Scholars

In April we shall pray for

  • Our keynote speaker Jo Swinney from Arocha International
  • Climate Change Youth Ambassadors Mollie, Maima and Jessica
  • Area Presidents preparing short video messages

In May we shall pray for

  • The translation provision for 6 languages
  • Effective publicity and widespread sharing of information about this event
  • Those providing music and song

In June we shall pray for

  • Good internet access for all who wish to take part
  • The World Officers Alison, Mataiva, Leu and Matilda
  • President Emerita Ann, Tree of Life Editor Ligia and UN representative Brenda

In July we shall pray for

  • The theme of our event ‘A New Vision’ to capture the imagination of women
  • The message of the gospel to be shared through our event
  • A new vision for how we might care for God’s world

The World Federation Prayer

Creator God, rooted in your loving care, nurtured through your Son Jesus, challenged by your Holy Spirit, we are in the world to bring peace with justice, reconciliation in love, and hope for all people. May our lives extend as the branches of our Tree of Life, bearing fruit of Unity and Love. We offer praise and thanksgiving through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Written by WFMW Executive members, 1986-91