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Theme: We women: “A wonderful idea of God”
We are beautiful women for God, in every way, sensitive, affectionate, patient and tolerant,
wise, cunning, cautious, bold, strong and at the same time romantic, empathetic and sororal,
we are a masterpiece that only the Master could create.
We give a beautiful color to life, we make you smile, dream, plan, sigh and even cry with
One day is not enough to recognize what they are, words would be missing to describe
what each one of us means to the lives of those who are by our side. That is why I suggest
you celebrate with our own activities during the month of March
Woman is synonymous with courage, enthusiasm, goals and desires, the one that does not
stop, because she was born to fulfill God’s purpose, we have understood that in life you
have to be brave and risk to achieve our goals.
I am blessed by God to have women who have marked my life, the first of which is my
Mother, that fighting and courageous woman who, even with her limitations, taught me to
be a good woman, and many other women who have been a gift from God. for my life,
without a doubt women are a WONDERFUL IDEA OF GOD.
To each of you, may God bless you, to each of you may God keep you, continue to give
you more wisdom, support you in your dreams and desires, may God fulfill the plan he had
for each of you.
May we never forget how valuable we are, how important we are, may we never forget that
we are daughters of God, He showed off creating so much beauty in us in every way. we
are women of faith
That’s why as his Word says; “Her children congratulate her; Her husband praises her and
tells her: “There are many good women, but you surpass them all.” (Proverbs 31:28-29)
We are fragile when the heart breaks into a thousand pieces, when we have been hurt.
Fragile when we overflow with emotions in the face of events that others do not value. We
are fragile when we bathe our faces with tears, often submerged in pain and sadness, when
we feel incapable of overcoming circumstances. However, being fragile is not synonymous
with useless, being fragile does not mean that we are weak or powerless. Woman, do you
know how much you are worth to God? You are worth much more than gold.
Woman you are important to God, because in your seed you have life, because despite the
adversities, that they underestimate us, we get ahead and show with passion that if we can.
Women we are important to God, just as Mary mother of Jesus was, in Esther, Débora,
Sara, Rebeca, Raquel, Ana, Rut and so many women who marked the history of the world,
perhaps they did not do great feats but for having their trust placed in God they

revolutionized not only their generation but they are still changing lives and are worthy of
Woman, Firm your feet on the Rock so that you can plant yourself and remain in the
position that corresponds to you. Do you know that others are going to give you the value
that you give yourself?
May God motivate women, mothers, workers, aunts, grandmothers, this March 8 to want to
be examples in their conduct, and wise in their speech and in all their actions. That like
Abigail we can know how to use wisdom for the benefit of all those who are and pass
through our path. And, like Sara, we can use divine grace to be a blessing.
As women of faith, today we have a commitment to our creator.
Each of us exists for only one purpose: to bring glory to God. We were created by Him and
for Him. However, there is a battle inside and outside our hearts. There is a fight, there is an
enemy who wants to destroy us with his lies. We follow the TRUTH.
Not everything is lost. We serve a God who is redeeming all things and He empowers us
through His Spirit to live in a way that brings glory to His name, that points to the gospel of
Christ. That same power equips us and sends us out to teach other women the way of His
truth (Titus 2:3-5).
Today’s world and families need more women of courage, faith, vision and action;
Deborahs to rise up to challenge the culture by modeling and living the principles of the
Word of God; women who help to restore the walls of the families through surrendered
lives and testimonies that glorify their Creator.
We must accompany and show solidarity with so many women who suffer, who are raped,
who are violated, who are raped, who are exposed to having their lives taken away.
Woman, be what you are: the most beautiful work of creation, the image of God for the

Yvonne Pereira Diaz
World Vice President 2022-2026
World Federation of Methodist Women and United Church

Chile, Talcahuano, February 2023