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President’s Anniversary Greeting for 26 October 2021

By October 20, 2021No Comments

Dear Federation sisters,

Investing in the future of the WFMUCW.

I woke up the other morning thinking again of the story of Jeremiah buying a field. You can read it for yourself in Jeremiah 32:6-25. I wonder what a financial adviser would have said to Jeremiah at the time that he was considering buying this field. It was being offered for sale by a relative but was in a land that was inaccessible, being controlled by the enemy. Yet Jeremiah was obedient to God’s instructions to buy the field. He handed over the money and signed the deeds in the presence of witnesses. And God was faithful to him. As Jeremiah asserted, ‘Lord God! Nothing is too hard for you! You show steadfast love to the thousandth generation’. Eventually the land was restored to the people.

I quoted this story to a faithful member of our Federation who recently gave a generous donation to the WFMUCW. Her action, like that of Jeremiah’s was a great encouragement, a statement of faith that there is a future for our movement in which to invest. Whether we do so by giving money, or by offering our time and talents in servant leadership, it is up to each one of us to decide.

Nominations are being sought for various leadership roles within the World Federation. Are you aware of a member of the Federation who is passionate in their desire to serve, would show visionary commitment and be willing to take (God-inspired) risks for the sake of the kingdom? The ability to lead and encourage members by using technical and internet resources in this new era is going to be so vital. Anyone is permitted to nominate someone from her own or another Unit, and guidance and nominations forms are available from your Area President.

I hope your Area has already elected women to be confirmed at our business meeting and commissioned as Area President and Vice President at our ONLINE 14th World Assembly in August 2022. If not, please choose carefully, someone who will be able and willing to serve effectively until 2026.

You are also invited to nominate a young woman for the role of Helen Kim Memorial Scholar for the 14th World Assembly and beyond. I have said before how this investment bears fruit. Again your Area President has the application forms. Each Area may shortlist four young women and forward details to the World Officers who will select two from each Area.
We continue to be grateful to United Methodist Women USA for their provision of an annual grant to enable a young woman (selected by WFMUCW) to attend Bossey Ecumenical Institute for a short course of study. Scholarship application forms for 2022 have been sent to your Area Officers.

The future is in God’s hands. Who will invest in it?

Meanwhile we celebrate 82 years of World Federation this month. Please be sure to pray, especially on 26th October, for God to guide our future steps.

Every blessing,

World President 2016-2022 WFMUCW