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President's Prayer

A Call to Pray – October 2017

By October 1, 2017No Comments

‘The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it; ‘ (Psalm 24:1)

Living, loving God, the sights and the sounds of this world, the smells and the touch of this world are the things for which we thank you. They are a gift; they are a delight; they make our living richer and fuller. They stand as witnesses to your masterful creativity.  All creation shouts out your glory and nature sings her tuneful song. (Part of a prayer taken from this year’s Federation Day Study material prepared by Ann Connan on behalf of the South Pacific Area)

We pray for our world, God’s world, with all its beauty and majesty, variety and abundance. We thank God for providing food and water and sources of energy, enough for all our needs. We ask forgiveness for our greed and for our failure to be good stewards of your creation.

Lord, show us how to share the bounty of harvest so that all have enough.

We pray for the women of the world, brought together through our World Federation, inspired by our founder Helen Kim of Korea and by those who have served God through the movement since 1939. We ask God to bless all those who celebrate World Federation Day this year on or around 26th October.  We pray for those who are struggling to hold on to faith and livelihoods through natural disasters of hurricane, earthquake or heavy monsoon rains. We remember particularly those people of the Caribbean and Southern States of the USA, Mexico and parts of South Asia who have suffered such great loss and devastation.

Lord, show us how we can make a positive difference by our commitment to you and to one another through the World Federation.

We pray for those women who experience gender discrimination in the home or workplace; for those who struggle to feed their children, or are beset by health issues; for those who are widowed and lose their home; for those who are refugees, fleeing persecution; for those who suffer through violent and abusive behaviour against them. We ask God to strengthen those who speak out against domestic violence, as Leila Barbosa our Latin America Area President will be doing this month. We thank God that the Thursdays in Black campaign is growing globally, and is also supported by men.

Lord, show us how to support one another and to work for the good of all who suffer. Strengthen those who speak truth to power in your name.

Lord, we give you the glory and praise your holy name, for you have given us all we need to proclaim your goodness. (see 2 Peter 1:3)

In the name of Christ, Amen.